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Those who do date interracially find that there are a lot of benefits to doing so.

However, by becoming aware of this tendency in herself, she was able to break the pattern and achieved happiness in her relationship.When we accept the fact that some of the people we're attracted to aren't always the ones who treat us the best, we are better able to be open to people who are different from our "type."A woman in her 50s realized that her whole life she'd only dated men who were unsuccessful, struggled financially, and who she somehow wound up supporting.This dynamic fit with her identity growing up: Her father had called her "the son he never had" and pressured her to become a self-reliant businesswoman.They've also learned a great deal about the people they've chosen.Many of us tend to be drawn to partners who recreate familial dynamics from childhood.An important concept to keep in mind when dating is that we aren't always attracted for the right reasons.Relationships tend to fail when we seek out and pair up with people whose defenses and negative characteristics perfectly complement our own.Then picture the millions more 40- and 50-something men and women who are buying into the belief that it's just too late for them to be in a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship.When it comes to dating later in life, the scene is far from hopeless.The better we know ourselves, the better able we are to choose partners who complement us and enhance our daily lives.Thus, there are certain real advantages of dating after 40, 50, or any age in which you are able and willing to reflect on your years of experience and genuinely learn from your past.

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