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Among our group was Jim’s buddy from the northern Virginia area Ken.

He had limited experience and needed some coaching to tackle Fiji’s challenging conditions.

Lisa threatened a mutiny as Joshua ditched her and the rest of the group, leading Jim into the Labyrinth for the second dive.

In reality, he waited for ages for the group to follow, but they were apparently too caught up in the curious critters of the reef.

Being a very experienced member of ski patrol in one of the more challenging areas of the States though, she was no stranger to a little excitement, which certainly helped her stay calm under pressure!

Mysteriously, the current was blissfully slack as we jumped in on Maytag for our first dive in Vatu-i-ra.

Now, we’ve known that all sorts of species can be found on the back of a decorator crab, but we never imagined that we would find another decorator crab living on the back of a decorator crab!

The current was just right for our afternoon dive at Schoolhouse, attracting many schools of fish, grey reef sharks and a mammoth dogtooth tuna.

Through skill and fortune, Amanda found this cryptic creature on a ledge, a mass of algae, sponge, hydroids and tunicates completely enshrouding its spindly body.Later on that site, she found a juvenile rockmover wrasse and Joshua pointed out a golden mantis shrimp.On Koroi’s second and final dive, he led a night dive at Alacrity, where our divers found a variety of pleurobranchs and scorpionfish and Lisa spotted an inquisitive octopus.On Day 5, we motored south towards Gau Island, where amped up winds made for a rocky crossing.As Amanda led the group on Outside Nigali reef, Joshua gave Jim the first of his Underwater Navigator Specialty Dives.Here we will explore True Facts about diving in Fiji with NAI’A.With only seven divers on this charter, our crew outnumbered our guests by almost two-to-one.In fact, one could only tell it was a crab by poking it and watching the pile of debris crawl.When Joshua poked it to show his group, another smaller decorator crab covered in filamentous red algae jumped off its back!Enid’s parents began dating at a summer camp in upstate New York owned by Joshua’s grandparents.In fact, Enid’s grandparents were close friends with Enid’s, playing poker together regularly and Joshua’s mother had a “huge crush” on Enid’s Uncle Tommy… Right from the checkout dive at Samu Reef, the unique underwater sightings began with a school of baby catfish eels and a large painted lobster.

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