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Below are some of the facts in this case that are backed up by the records, which I truly believe will mysteriously disappear once I am murdered by the state of Texas, if I do not get the type of representation I need to bring these facts to the forefront.They are as follows: The original state habeas corpus petition filed on my behalf by attorneys out of the Defunct Resource Center, sat in state district court for 11 years before an appointee out of a particular district court, amend it in regards to a pending issue before the Supreme Court, that I did not particularly wanted raised, because I fear that doing so will take precedent over more serious issues that have never been properly addressed by the appeals court in Austin, Texas.Furthermore, I am illegally forced under the 1996 Antiterrorism Legislation that streamlines the appeals process.This is illegal, because this law is not retroactive, but applies only to cases that were tried after 1996.Synopsis of My Case and The Facts Therein My name is Yatombi Ikei (pronounced Ya-Tom-Be/ I-Key), born Anthony L.Pierce, July 20, 1959, in Harris County, an annexation of the City of Houston, Texas.

I have never been to prison before, though I was placed in a youth facility.Their actual existence is to give the impression that the system works on a fair arena when they make little challenges against the injustice these cases receive, as well as challenge the violation of oath of office admitting fabricated, distorted and perjured evidence by those sworn to uphold the law.In fact, the majority of these court appointed attorneys are bound by some "unified code" that no case they represent gets challenged on the merits and/or facts along, nor will such court appointed attorney attack the practitioners, who are sworn to uphold the law, for violating the law when it is shown that they intentionally withhold favorable evidence from the accused, using knowing perjured testimony, fabricating the facts of a case and/or misleading the jury among other things.Even a superficial examination of the facts and circumstances of my case will bring forth this truth."After-Thought" To give a little insight concerning the issues raised in my case is two-fold, I will explain: If you study the issues raised by the court appointed attorneys on my behalf, you will see that What this simply states is the fact that these court appointed attorneys are simply a part of the entire system and therefore operate on a perimeter that excludes the poor and destitute.My state habeas corpus petition has been in court since 1990, well before this new legislation went into effect.I have listed six points above as a small sample of the abuse and impropriety surrounding my case.These "supposed" eye-witnesses were said to have been with two other at the time.These two men's names are Nellis Brooks and Nelson Warfield, and these two men I need to step forward and help clear up the whereabouts of the Sanders brothers.We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Yatombi Ikei aka Anthony Leroy Pierce Anthony Pierce # 000587 TDCJ-ID Polunsky Unit 3872 FM 350 South Livingston, TX 77351 USA The Case Case No: 267685 Date of the Crime: August 4, 1977 Date of Conviction: February of 1987 Sentenced to death for capital murder/ robbery murder Introduction In all honesty, I do not know who did what to whom, whereas I came upon something that had nothing to do with me. My name surfaced when a non-witness suggested it to two "supposed" eye-witnesses who initially stated that they saw my older brother, who was in California at the time, run in the back of some apartment buildings.What the prosecution attempted to do was place me at the scene when it was shown that I was at a bar involved in a fight.

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  1. When a child can date Giving a child the privilege of spending time with a member of the opposite sex is a freedom that is based upon our judgment of how responsible we deem this child to be. Is he strong enough to withstand peer pressure in a boy-girl situation?