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, when we learn that someone known to have cheated in the past had an opportunity to cheat in this instance, we might reasonably conclude he probably cheated this time, too); but in far too many instances, the critic who makes a merely plausible argument for an artifact closes the door on future research when proper science demands that his hypo- thesis of an artifact should also be tested.Alas, most critics seem happy to sit in their armchairs producing post hoc counterexpl ana t ions. Thank you for your indulgence and your many kind letters urging me to continue this project. Unlike our current politicians, I accept the blame along with the responsibility.Whichever side end up with the true story, science best progresses through laboratory inves- tigations .On the other hand, proponents of an anomaly claim who recognize the above fallacy may go too far in the other direction.ISSUE NUMBERS 11 & 12 AUGUST 1987 JOURNAL OF THE CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC ANOMALIES RESEARCH (CSAR) SCIENTIFIC REVIEW OF CLAIMS OF ANOMALIES AND THE PARANORMAL ARTICLES MARCELLO TRUZZI Zetetic Ruminations on Skepticism and Anomalies in Science 7 JAMES MCLENON & RAY HYMAN A Remote Viewing Experiment Conducted by a Skeptic and a Believer..... Nash (126) , Irmgard Oepen (127), John Palmer (128), Trevor J. Stokes (132) , Ulrich Timm { 135), Jerome Tobacyk (135), Rhea A. Sometimes users of the term have distinguishing between co-called "soft" verus "hard" skeptics, and I in part revived the term "zetetic," because of the term's misuse; but I now think the problems created go beyond mere terminology, and matters need to be set right.

Editors Ray Hyman Ron Westrum Pat Truzzi Consulting Editors JAMES E, ALCOCK THEODORE X, BARBER HARRY COLLINS WILLIAM R. A subscription will continue to consist of two numbers.

Henceforth, to avoid future "catch-up" problems, ZS will officially be on an irregular schedule although I still hope to get at least two issues out per year.

I can only hope that the contents of this double-sized issue might in part compensate for the delay.

Of course, the evidential weight of the experiment is greatly reduced when we discover an opening in the design that would allow an artifact to confound the results.

Discovering an opportu- nity for error should make such experiments less evidential and usually uncon- vincing?

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