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Eddie Watson lived in the home and lived there from 1970 until 2002. Cross the street and turn right, going south on what is now a parking lot for the county courthouse. Coleman, a grocer was located here at this end of the block and later, it became the location for Looney Mercantile.

This area use to be Tom Hall's Livery Stable, with Lathem's Bakery located next door. Continue down the parking lot side of the street until you come to the flag pole and little park at the South end of the street. The Looney store was completed in 1920 and was in business here until 1942.

This twelve-block tour takes about an hour to walk.

You will start the walk at the old jail that houses the museum and complete your tour back at the jail.

Use the map found at the bottom of this guide to assist you in locating the buildings.

This courthouse burned in 1880, and the county had to move into temporary quarters over on what is now Fisk Street.

There was no courthouse from 1880 to 1885, just a vacant square.

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