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The caretaker maintains that all of the bruises were the result of a fall that day.

However, the bright red color indicates fresh bruises, while the brown bruises are older.

It is important to determine the ages of bruises to see if their ages are consistent with the caretaker's explanation of the times of injury.The bright blood in a bruise does not stay red for long.This stage of having a bright red mark may be so brief that it may be gone before you even notice it. This darkening of the bruise takes place as the blood under the skin looses it’s oxygen.Heal a Bruise, Quickly Now that you understand how a bruise functions, you can help to heal it a lot faster.Follow this link for 8 ways to HEAL A BRUISE (Quickly).Age dating of bruises can often be determined by looking at the color of the bruise.The ages and colors of bruises may therefore show if more than one injury is present.The changing colours of a bruise indicate that the bruise is healing and that it will soon be gone.A bruise will change colours as it goes through the various chemical processes of healing.Also if the bruise is quiet deep, by the time the blood rises to the surface skin, it will have already darkened. This is normally the stage in which people first notice they have a bruise Dark Purple Bruise – Loosing Iron.As the iron in the blood starts to break down in the bruise, the colour will darken further.

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