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I love my freshman roommate - I'm going to even be in her wedding. If you want to be involved seek it out, if you don't want don't have to.There are many diverse groups on campus & if you don't see one you like then create your own.There's no teams; all the sports are just for fun as far as I know.I met most of my friends in class or on the internet through Columbia's Facebook group.The most popular student organization is probably LBGTQ or Frequency TV. If i am awake on a Tuesday at 2am I probably am working on homework or watching a television show. The biggest partying that happens just happens in dorms and is really casual and usually involves a lot of food and card games. I have not heard of any major ones that are offered.We are not allowed to leave our doors open in the dorms. The biggest tradition on our campus is the Biggest Foot dance competition, the Blood Ball, or St. Last weekend I actually went back to my house in another state to visit my family and friends.I would say whatever group or club meeting has food and free stuff students will go.I think a lot of people are involved with multi cultural affairs and the black student union and the group for gays, lesbians and bi people.

The organization has just recently became more active and provides awesome networking opportunities.

It's easy to become involved with anything as long as your schedule fits with their meetings and you know when/where they meet.

If there are any fraternities or sororities, I don't know about them.

You'll find a complete list of all extracurricular activities and some great ways to get involved.

There are so many different groups/clubs that I don't even know 75% of them.

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