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"Accept the responsibility and find a way to not feel sorry for himself." Both artists seem poised to move past the dark moment in their lives. Singer Kay Cola has claimed that she heard Chris Brown hitting Karrueche Tran back when the stars were dating.She said she still has feelings for Brown and wants him to be successful, but she seems to be struggling to comprehend her emotions, calling it an annoyance to still feel connected to him.She told Sawyer she was unsure if she could ever reunite with him. "I don't have a desire at all to be with him," she added. But I'm not God, so I can't predict the future." She went on to add that there's nothing she wants to hear from Brown at the moment.The singer said she doesn't like seeing the image because of the bad memories it conjures."I get angry all over again every time I see it," she said."The whole thing plays out in my head, so I don't like to see it." Brown has repeatedly emphasized that he still loves Rihanna and released a song after the incident called "Changed Man," in which he apologized to his ex.

Fearing for her life: Chris Brown's former girlfriend Karrueche Tran (pictured 2014) has been granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against the rapper after he allegedly threatened to kill her In the filing, Tran had said that Brown had beaten her during their relationship. I even called the police.'I used to cry over that situation hearing her screaming at the top of her lungs because I am also a victim of domestic violence.'Chris' fans however, then turned their attention to Kay tweeting back and defending him.'Some of y'all are so delusional defending this man! He will never get help or change because of yes man and weirdos like y'all.'Women literally get murdered by men who act like this and y'all thing it's cute or she just wants attention...'Y'all wonder why celebs get away with so much, because of weirdos like u putting them on a pedestal letting them get away with this crap.'If you're really a Chris Brown fan u would want him to get help, not make excuses for everything he does."I can't answer that question right now, 'cause you never know what the future holds," she explained. Brown issued a statement to MTV News prior to Rihanna's interview wishing her the best."I do appreciate her support and wish her the best," he said.After this seperation, he was again seen with Karrueche. But, two years ago they ultimately ended up this journey.In the following year, Brown discloses the news about his daughter, whereas Nia Guzman is the baby mama. No one knows that when they meet each other and when they had decided to part way.The singer said her father even broke her mother's nose.Rihanna painted the picture of her and Brown's early days together as filled with happiness.The 31-year-old made her accusations on Twitter on Tuesday.The Grammy-nominated singer said she was a neighbour at the time and was so worried she even called the police."Even if Chris never hit me again, who is to say that their boyfriend won't?" Rihanna said during the interview, calling her decision to reconcile with Brown "selfish." "Who's to say that they won't kill these girls?

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