Dating an emotionally unavailable person

This doesn't mean you have to always be happy with every measly morsel he hesitantly dishes out.You can still be upset at him for not having called or having dismissed your feelings.

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I have written a few articles on this forum to help those who have people in their lives that struggle with depression.Hi All I've been my boyfriend for almost one year now. I found myself initiating everything but he would respond. He later admitted to me that he finds relationships difficult especially intimacy and commitment. I have learnt to observe his actions, body language and words to understand his communication. well then if i was you i would fight for the relationship-but it might be hard on you it would help you i think if you posted here regularly to update us on the situation and we will try and support you as best we can sorry if this reply isn't very good ,i just didn't want your post to go unanswered ,it is very imprtant love Lu x Hiya Lu is lovely and always sees the best on everyone but I feel a bit different Honestly this guy sounds like he needs a LOT of psychological help before he can really know how he feels about himself... I believe that he has a lot of work he needs to cover from his childhood - and either he can do it with you or.......need to allow him the chance before he actually knows who he is himself..He has depression, anxiety, is quite socially awkward as well. He would phone, text, take me out on dates and compliment me. But his willing to work on things and wants to take things slow. Doesn't communicate his needs and makes excuses to prevent confrontation. Many people suffer from trauma and no matter what you do or how much you love them....timing is wrong....I'm not saying this is going to be easy for you, but if you love him you can weather through these waves of depression.I hope and wish you all the best in your understanding of depression and relationship with this person with depression.One article that can put you in touch with the head space of a depressed person is this one The Fog Take care of yourself and your own mental health, and he will see you as a person he can rely on.As someone who can support and understand what he is going through. The following week, he went away on holiday the same week as valentines day. Again I was really upset and asked him why does he keep pushing me away. He obviously didn't want to talk about it and told me he was on holiday. Yesterday during work (we are work colleagues as well dating). Offering my scarf for him to wear as we walked into the snow. Hugging him and rubbing his arm as he was shivering on the bus. When we sat down together, I went to hold his hand and he moved his hand away. I started to feel upset and asked him why does he keep pushing me away. He said, he doesn't know why he keeps pushing me away. But all he kept saying is - I don't know why I'm like this. His previous relationships has been short term or one night stands. He seems set on us eventually having sex but to give it more time. Again I told him I missed him and he replied he will see me next week. Displaying behaviour that he was feeling socially awkward. Then she ended the friendship to the point where she cut contact with him. But as I am into him a lot, having sex together would be much meaningful and therefore he needs time to absorb this before we have sex. Although I noticed he appeared really anxious around lots of people. To the point, she decided to end the relationship and maintain being friends. Stating if I was a fling, he would have sex with me. I know from one of his previous relationships - his GF went though the same thing.

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