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Professional Preliminary Pre Authentication Assessments of Clients Projects Full Authenticity Investigations conducted Internationally and World Wide Research and Archiving Forensic Art Analysis Fine Art Valuations Personal Acquisition Management and Advice on Fine Art Investments.The identification and investigation of fakes and counterfeit works of art. are factual Consultants to the Film & Television industry on both sides of the Atlantic.Including; Genres, Artists and Geographical Regions The incredible diversity of our workload ranges from art that is purportedly by such eminent artists as Picasso, van Gogh and Monet, right through to the authentication and attribution of all Old and Modern Art Freemanart's clients the huge advantage of us being already in place to conduct any major European artist or art attribution investigation.

Can we diminish the risks involved and finally, do we have any serious chance of achieving our objective? At the Freemanart Consultancy, we conduct expert forensic art analysis & investigations into the authenticity & legitimacy of all manner and types of art work.

But remember, with art authentication, that dream has to be absolutely proven, just like a case placed before a court of law, as opinion is just not enough.

In a court room, any case must be proven before being judged.

As Art and Antiques appraisers specifically specialising in the field of the authentication of paintings, pictures and antiques, we also aim to identify and investigate both art and document forgery, including fakes and art forgeries of all kinds.

Naturally, much of our work load is taken up with the authentication of paintings, but we also authenticate drawings, ceramics, sculpture and limited edition prints too, particularly those attributed to, claiming to be by or after Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

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