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At this point I know if I'm true to myself I will be subject to judgement. I have had a few relationships with guys a LOT older than me (think 20 years). Anyway, though, the one I was most in love with (27 year age difference) did me a kindness by gently letting me go.Whether I date someone of another race, or someone 16 years younger than I, or if I choose to be a mom in my 40's someone will have an opinion. I would have married him in a second, but he's in his 60's now and I'm not 40 yet. But it really wasn't appropriate, not really.) I genuinely believe we are overly moral around age gaps.No matter which end of that relationship your on...people are going to have an opinion..probably won't have a problem voicing case your not strong enough to deal with that kind of drama. It wasn't so much the age difference as it was because he's Bipolar, too!!! As crazy as I was at the time, I still felt conflict about the very young man I dated, for a couple of different reasons. It's been a long time since I've been there but it was a pretty good site at the time: Just as 'here' is a great place to find those who 'get' the struggles of having Bipolar Disorder, that site will 'get' any and all concerns you have about dating someone younger than you. I used to feel so bad about those things that I'd isolate myself and decided no one would want me.

You’d never guess, but caution can, in fact, lead to powerful lasting love.The "family" being her and her 4 daughters, 1 of which is only a few years younger than my son.Many of us had a big problem with that relationship. He wanted kids of his own..something I could give him.(It will never be exactly the same for two different people.) Assess Your Proclivity for Indulgences While many behaviors in the extreme form represent a problem or even an addiction, some of those same behaviors can be harmless if not taken to the extreme.Consider a list of activities that fall on the hedonistic end of the behavioral spectrum: drinking alcohol, gambling, shopping, traveling, and spending, for example.Kids are gonna get themselves hurt, it's called growing up.I read a story earlier in the week about the UK's youngest Lottery Winner; she was 16; and she lived the 'Wild Child' helter skelter lifestyle and has come out of it with only 2k left but an inner strength to teach her kids the value of money.(Thank God it never got any further) I was abused as a child and had no mentoring about Sex growing up. I just want to enjoy the journey I have plenty of time to worry about the destination.Surprised to see I have more support than opposition in this. My son is a Fireman still in school getting his EMT certifications. We know in our hearts that we are supposed to be together. ) But I married at 22 and got divorced when I was 51.What was a 30 yr old woman w/4 kids doing trolling for a 22 yr old kid...then thinking he could support her and her 4 kids on a Fireman's salary while still in school and working full time??? It takes a very mature young man to be able to stand up to the scrutiny of his peers My daughter is 3 years younger than he is I didn't do that when I WAS very young. When I reentered the dating scene, the first few guys I dated were significantly younger than me. That was probably a mistake but I was hypersexual and didn't yet know I was mentally ill, so it seemed perfectly reasonable at the time. That doesn't seem inappropriate to me, given that we were both well into adulthood.

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