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" – and scarves knotted around both wrists, one a blue-and-white Everton scarf, the other in the colours of Borussia Mönchengladbach, who had played Liverpool in the 1977 European Cup Final.Oddly enough, by then, real football hooligans looked much more respectable than I did.

But we have been, at least once, in the same stadium at the same time.In his new book Congratulations, You've Just Met the ICF, Cass Pennant writes of those years, when the police were stepping up their campaign against hooliganism: "We had to change from a mindless yob army to a thinking thug army... We smartened ourselves up and started wearing casual fashions.The Farah strides, Pringles or Gabiccis we wore on a Friday night we now sported to matches on the Saturday.Actually, I greatly appreciated the mounted escort, although my friends, Rafe, Mugsy and Bean, respectable grammar schoolboys also, sometimes referred to the police, albeit quietly, as "pigs". That had been my only assault on civilised values, which is not to say that I did not look capable of assault.To Everton matches, home and away, I wore a denim jacket lavishly decorated with badges – including one that said "Koppites are gobshites!In 1980, Everton played West Ham in an FA Cup semi-final replay at Elland Road, Leeds. "The mobs were even-numbered, but the Everton lads, who had our respect, never tried hard enough to breach the police cordons to get something going with us. They just went their own way." It was the one time when our different philosophies as football supporters clashed.And mine, I'm pleased to say, came out firmly on top.Most disloyally, not even Mugsy, Bean and I joined in.Anyway, thanks to a dog-eared Rothmans Football Yearbook, I know that on 24 February 1979, while Cass Pennant and his ICF thugs were working out a strategy to beat up as many fans of Oldham Athletic as possible, I was at Goodison in my denim jacket to see Everton vs Ipswich Town.Taking the shed: A hooligan's account Extracted from 'Congratulations, You've Just Met the ICF', by Cass Pennant (published by John Blake Publishing on 4 April, £15.99) Chelsea had a firm renowned throughout the country.A fighting army as big as Man U's, and a reputation to match.

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