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Devil is new to this job as he’s replacing someone else that had been there for a long time.So Cupid was number three in the room, suddenly he’s number two and after so long at the bottom of the pecking order his ego has shot up and he’s getting cocky, perhaps even shooting for number one; Death.She’s very smart, and more than capable of fending off Cupid’s advances with dignity and a smile. She’s not much of a fan of Cupid but she knows she can’t get rid of him as he’s the only one keeping life going, and that’s very important to her.Death is the newest character to the story and ends up being the love interest for both Cupid and Devil, but she's no damsel in distress and could take them both on if she were to succumb to her instincts.

He's spent his youth pursuing ladies then reluctantly fixing them up in order to maintain the balance of the world.She's looking for something different in her life, a change that brings balance in both the world below and her heart.She’s actually protective of Devil since he’s the new guy, and defends him from Cupid’s cockiness.But deep down he's a lonely soul and isn't very good at hiding it any more, to the point that he's getting a little too friendly with Death.Death can be quite scary at times, so he knows when to stop... He’s the most cunning of the three, and bored of his work he’s more than capable of multi-tasking and teasing the other two, or flirting with Death at the same time as coupling people up.He’s intimidated by Cupid, and tries to keep a low profile.He hates himself for the role he is compelled to play out, i.e. He’d much rather do something else but he can’t stop himself, it’s in his programming...She’s also secretly sympathetic to Devil’s pain, but can’t betray it for fear of showing weakness.She’s number one in the room and has to keep order.Death is a career girl, judge and executioner, who's been so focused on the task of delivering death that she's not found time for guys that don’t live up to her standards.In fact she secretly hates her job now and resists every death she must bring, but can't stop for the sake of her compulsion to maintain the balance; she’s the only one with the bigger picture and knows her role in the cycle.

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