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While this may be a little bit untidy, it does prevent potentially valuable config files from being deleted, which is of paramount importance.

Protected directories are set using the CONFIG_PROTECT variable, nor‐ mally defined in make.globals.

Take the (l)eft side for stuff that I still want to keep as my settings and the (r)ight side for the new changes. -- [email protected] list Don't know how Red Hat or Debian do it, don't know how the majority of gentoo users do it. Systems Administrator ERC Broadband (828) 350-2415 -- [email protected] list Then I stand corrected, and I apologize.

(I find that I almost never have to actually edit a line during this process...it's usually just one or the other) After I repeat this process for those files I noted in ***, which honestly is usually no more that 5 or 10, I just automerge the rest with a -5. What I do is use RCS on any config file I modify, or if I look at it and would have modified it except it happens, by chance, to include the parameters I want. -- Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum Europae vincendarum Mark Haney Sr.

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This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Please set your Java Virtual Machine No JAVA_HOME available!

For example, if you wanted Portage to automatically update your rc scripts and your wget configuration, but didn't want any other changes made without your explicit approval, you'd add this to /etc/make.conf: CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/wget /etc/rc.d" Tools such as dispatch-conf, cfg-update, and etc-update are also avail‐ able to aid in the merging of these files.

They provide interactive merging and can auto-merge trivial changes.

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To find files that need to be updated in /etc, type find /etc -iname ´._cfg???? You can disable this feature by setting CONFIG_PROTECT="-*" in /etc/Here are some links: On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at PM -0500, Mark Haney wrote: I'm using cfg-update (with Meld) for the 64-bit stuff and etc-update for the 32-bit chroot. 'Democracies don't war; democracies are peaceful countries.' - Bush ( Well, honestly I think people make too big a deal of the 'complexity' of doing their etc-updating.Plus sometimes by hand (after locating with etc-update or cfg-update), usually using Emacs emerge mode (no relation to portage). Some general ideas: It's assumed that you have built your own gentoo system from the instructions in the handbook.In this way, existing files are not overwritten, allowing the administrator to manually merge the new config files and avoid any unexpected changes.In addition to protecting overwritten files, Portage will not delete any files from a protected directory when a package is unmerged.I note the numbers of only the ones that I have made changes to - either in the initial setup of my box, or since then. I was not aware of dispatch-conf at the time as I had been using etc-update.Then I look specifically at them and usually just q right out of the 'less' environment and do an interactive merge (the additional time this takes over just 'taking the new modifications' for changes unrelated to my own is negligible). I simply do not have time to re-read the documentation every other day to keep up with those types of changes. -- Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum Europae vincendarum Mark Haney Sr.If a file of the same name already exists, Portage will change the name of the to-be-installed file from 'foo' to ´._cfg0000_foo´.If ´._cfg0000_foo´ already exists, this name becomes ´._cfg0001_foo´, etc.By default, config file protection is turned on for /etc and the KDE configuration dirs; more may be added in the future.When Portage installs a file into a protected directory tree like /etc, any existing files will not be overwritten.

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