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It was the kind of place that one would wake up to cool mountain air, the chirping of squirrels (which many in the town referred to as tree-rats) and serenity.Everyone practically knew each other, but there was one woman who struggled with being apart of the society.Genres: Fantasy, Body modification, Male/Female, Monster X watches a loner take the pill.Out in the woods of Colorado, there was nestled in a small valley the town of Dursk.When Melissa had moved into the cabin, it had been a blessing that she was able to get the internet.That allowed her to order many books online and kept her busy writing when she could.

The pair went back to silence, sipping their drinks and watching the pool game across the bar unfold. Mellissa preferred to be naked, and if she could, she would be naked in public and all times.So X stayed in his roost, which was a tree stand until the night had fallen. ” The comment made him snort, which in turn made him foam beer out of his nose. “ “Please, really, call me X.” She took a sip of her drink, the first time she had the entire conversation. ” “Oh, well see my product is something that allows that to happen.When night did finally fall, X left his post and headed to town. It wasn’t often that he got to chat with a potential taker of the pill. She was laughing, and X struggled to find a napkin to save himself from his predicament. Nose wiped clean, he gathered himself for an explanation. It makes a person take on the characteristics of an animal.X watched her pleasure herself more than a few times in the light of the moon through his NVG’s.How she kept the mosquitos off herself was something he would have to find out. She went back to reading her book and X saw that it was an old book with Moon written in golden letters on its spine.It was made worse with her shy nature and blundering speech. She spent a lot of time naked and would spend many nights, unbeknownst to her in front of X, sitting on the porch of her home, under the glow of a light, nude and reading.The night was the time where she took her chances the most.He had never heard of the book, but it was something just to know about her.Right now, he was debating on how to approach the reason why he was out in the woods stalking the reclusive woman and being a feast for swarms on insects.At the end of the road was the other neighbor, a mountain man who was currently chopping wood.The sound of logs splitting could be heard through the trees.

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