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Few of them are-#You will learn that real men r More or less the life story of every women is not so different.

Few of them are-#You will learn that real men really forget!

It traverses milestones related to meeting, falling in love, marriage, babies, and growing old.And yet once I had finished the book, there was not much that stayed with me.As the Heath brothers would say, the message did not stick.For that he needed our names and where we were from. I was livid, my lampshade beads clanging excitedly, as if on caffeine, as I berated him.I said ‘Bangalore’ and Alok said ‘Uttar Pradesh’, simultaneously.‘Uttar Pradesh? The next day, I looked, fearfully for our picture on Page 3, worried it would be captioned ‘Chacha from Uttar Pradesh Does The Cha Cha’ but, thankfully, it was not there.The book is in particular for mature reader and for all who are finding answer.The book is written in humor and is first book of the author but not much to serve at men's end., Diapers & Denial is another book I didn’t know what to write about at first.We women will relate to the anecdotes and enjoy, and men are requested to have a good sense of humour. When I started reading the book i wondered where on earth it was going... Her humorous debut novel, ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’ is raking in rave reviews from readers across the globe.The humour is warm not dry, and with witticisms delivered with a straight-face and right when you are not expecting them. The novel talks to men and women who have dated, raised kids and gone through the sweet-sour moments t Rachna Singh writes in the areas of humour, love, and organizational development.So, I went back to it again to find out the message. The book is a mock-self-help, with 15 lessons which Rachna learnt or which she wants us to give serious thought to on a good-humored day.It is about men, women and children, but mostly about them together in one tea cup, stirred while juggling their roles and messing Rachna’s seldom-combed hair.

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