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Both offer oblations and recite appropriate Vedic hymns to Gods for prosperity, good fortune, and conjugal fidelity.They touch each other's heart and pray for union of their hearts and minds.

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The bride and the groom garland each other and exchange the rings.This signifies the important part they have played in raising their children to become the responsible adults they are today.The ceremony is performed before a sacred fire, or agniaa, which is the eternal witness of the marriage and all vows taken.Next the nuptial fire, symbolizing the divine witness, and the sanctifier of the sacrament, is installed and worshipped.Both the bride and the groom grasp their hands together and pray to God for His blessings.Dandiya Raas is a romantic, very energetic, colourful and playful dance originating in the state of Gujarat.Its roots lay from the days of Lord Krishna who played raas on the shores of Yamuna river on a moonlit night with his beloved Gopis.It is considered to be the strongest of all social bonds and is the initiation into a lifetime of togetherness.The Vedic wedding ceremony consists of prayers, invocations, and vows recited in Sanskrit, the most ancient surviving language.The groom and his family are greeted at the doors of the mandir (temple) by the bride's parents and family.The mother of the bride then greets and welcomes the groom and his family into her own family.

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