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In the 1960s and 1970s many Hmong were secretly recruited by the American CIA to fight against communism during the Vietnam War.

A related term neej tsa is the wife's family after marriage.

Some of the features we have are audio/video chat, forums, blogs, matchmaking, speed-dating, and etc. COM was originally thought up by me through my experiences with social websites and my needs.

Having used and other Hmong social networking sites like and, I started doing research on Hmong dating sites. Until, I found or realized there weren't any obstacles that I couldn't overcome to create a high quality social web-dating service or business but my own self.

Chinese scholars have recorded contact with the Miao as early as the 3rd century BCE, and wrote of them that they were a proud and independent people.

However, after the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty attempted to impose several new taxation systems and continued expansion of their empire, the Hmong are reported to have rebelled.

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  1. More media coverage than any other agency, including 60 Minutes, TIME, The Washington Post, The New York Times, MTV, Discovery Channel, and the full-length Motion Picture, Two Brothers and a Bride, A Foreign Affair (AFA).