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That does not make sense to me at all and it’s a jealous attacky desperate attempt to bash the women down who have the self confidence and self love to post any selfie they want of themselves. There are many sexually-defunct people out there, perverts and normal people who just act insane because they’re so horny or feel sex is a massive part of their life, obsessively. When we eventually got back together I never pointed out where my new friend’s place was but was ultra paranoid at all times going in and out of there sitting like a stiff dummy in the car thank god the windows are tinted and oh lets just close the sunroof now shall we because you can look down from a window and see into the car and lets be real I am always wearing neon and distinct looks I stick out like a stain on the carpet. She will also stare at you with her tongue sticking out until you get the right shot like she knows she is destined for instagram fame.

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Historic Aberdeen was one of the first settlements in the Upper Hunter Valley.Also, I get very bored very easily of people these days. One in the morning (1pm lol) and one after chicken.So there are many catches out there for me but I feel exhausted by lining them up and meeting them and foreseeing a boring future, Seinfelding purposely sabotaging likely. Been goin’ through plenty of chicken breasts in these parts. I stopped because they’re actually not that healthy for you. I’m premenstrual so can it if you were food I would eat you too.Came across this interesting piece that resonated with me about creative types and how awful our minds can be. But my brain can definitely exhaust me because it doesn’t turn off like creative’s brains don’t. So we meet again and go on two dates, but turns out he is the neighbour to my ex. Usually my day look if I don’t do makeup and rock sunglasses inside (supermarket) don’t look under there please lol. Talk about moods I can definitely get moody but typically when alone and I mostly just do it to myself. How about I just stop complaining or trying to express something I don’t even know what right now and just read that list in the link provided and I can move on to our next humble slide. Only because you learn so many hateable things about people yet you have an open mind and you’re supposed to find this person who fits into your puzzle hole and you’re suppose to fit in theirs, you have a great build-up chatting but know in seconds if you would bone them or not and should you or not and then of course sitting and drinking with them is just a dumb idea after that because booze goggles though I like to think I have some self restraint and self respect left in me you should not be thinking every next person is the one, could be the one I just feel like I by habit and nature try to make anything work I ignore all red flags and I go in willingly into a stupid situation thinking how can I make this work and last because there’s something here maybe. I am a classic want to fix wounded bird type probably and guys think I’m easy also probably because of the grand show I put on with nudie catwang selfies but I AM picky for fuck sake, that’s why I am single. When we pulled into his neighbourhood I was like are you serious you live here of all the places to live in town HERE it has to be here. I’ll show you guys a really funny one of her tongue sticking out when I get a sec. As healthy as you all think your relationships are there are still restraints and battles to go through. I remember being extremely miserable in some relationships before and eventually everyone is just miserable and acting like they’re not. Normal war is pretty bad too but someone icing you out stoicly.. The one time I ever tried to pull “the depression” card I just didn’t have it in me. I am not a cry crumpled down on the floor type but I had one bad day once and this guy was being tested about it and it disgusted me how he reacted.Meanwhile I had suffered so much more moodiness all-in from him day-to-day it was like how DARE YOU not reciprocate. Gosh, why didn’t I just bring my camera out with me Friday night, I was SO CLOSE. I started out blogging as a writer and now it’s so much more than just writing that it shunts the writing.I had it in my hand and then I just placed it down on my computer desk thinking I won’t need this, am completely complacent with my cell phone’s low light quality pics. All the extra fanfare, selfies and the passage of time really disrespects the art, the thing that you did that you loved and looked forward to blogging about by the time you get to it it’s like, so what I had this fantastic steak and wine and epic happy feeling at the time I can barely remember now that I am old and my brain lets go of memories so easily or just, I don’t bother anymore to recount the minutiae of moments and exchanges with people that kind of was my signature. Despite actually feeling like I over-analyze these days a lot more and it would be just so easy to share these ideas and funny anecdotes here.Long story short, blogging is a mood based thing (can be) and I am not a faker so if I am not feeling it then I am not writing it.Also, “I was going to” but then the weekend and real life so, blogging can wait. If you isolate from men you realize one day that there is no warpath moods overtaking your breath but then dude comes back and it’s god damn moods.

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