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The resource would become even more useful if we could deduce complete and correct metadata from the various available information sources, such as the provided metadata, user relations, profile photos, and the text of the tweets.

In this paper, we start modestly, by attempting to derive just the gender of the authors 1 automatically, purely on the basis of the content of their tweets, using author profiling techniques.

Who is to say, therefore, how the historians of the year 2086 -- if there are any left by then-will look back on us?

The Cold War, with all of its rivalries, anxieties, and unquestionable dangers, has produced the longest period of stability in relations among the great powers that the world has known in this century; it now compares favorably as well with some of the longest periods of great power stability in all of modern history.

In this paper we restrict ourselves to gender recognition, and it is also this aspect we will discuss further in this section.

A group which is very active in studying gender recognition (among other traits) on the basis of text is that around Moshe Koppel. 2002) they report gender recognition on formal written texts taken from the British National Corpus (and also give a good overview of previous work), reaching about 80% correct attributions using function words and parts of speech.

The Soviet-American relationship has yet to face this test, although there is no reason to think it will escape it indefinitely.

When that time comes, the preservation of stability may require something new in international rela­tions: the realization that great nations can have a stake, not just in the survival, but also the success and prosperity of their rivals.

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