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So next time you’re gonna head to the bar in search of that special someone, you might actually be better off doing some Facebook friend of friend stalking. When me and my ex look back on our relationship, one of the biggest things that always comes up is the lack of mutual friendships and "couple" friends that we had.

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Turns out four is the ideal number of mutual friends, almost doubling the chances two people will dig each other.Out of Coffee Meets Bagel’s 44,000 matches, people with mutual friends are 37.2% more likely to both give each other the thumbs up.Women are much more influenced by the mutual friends effect.Any number still increases your chance of crushing on someone, but it seems like less than four and someone might be sketchy, more and things could get messy if your date is a disaster.One caveat: all these findings shared exclusively with Tech Crunch are just trends, not necessarily statistically sound data, but they’re still something singles should think about.I tended to totally seperate my life with friends from my life with my girlfriend.She always hated that she wasn't included in typical "guy" activities with my friends, such as going to parties, playing sports/ surfing, going out to bars, or etc.The excuse I usually used was that basically all of my friends were single, so I would feel awkward with my girlfriend kind of "tagging along" while we all hung out and acted goofy.After all, they never tried to coax me into cheating or into engaging in promiscuous activities with other women.If you both tend to have seperate friendships, how can you attempt to bring those friendships together, especially when most of your friends are single and hers are couples? I have no real desire to hang out with him and his freinds on a regular basis, and I think he feels the same.I personally think it's healthy to maintain a bit of your own identity, but that's just me.

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