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Most importantly, however, NBC's idea of important 'breaking news' is out of kilter, resulting in way too many interruptions for trivial stories. Unfortunately, NBC doesn't have a setting such that you can select which notifications to receive--it's all or nothing. The podcast just announced today that it was being discontinued, for those of us who can't afford cable bills, and live too far out to receive OTA signals reliably, online video is our only connection to news. Sometimes an article has something that will crash the app.

These happen in certain areas of the USA, and normally when these occur amongst other issues the direct broadcast satellite service provider sorts them out as soon as possible.

This is tolerable on the Windows app, but on a Phone it is more than annoying since you might dismiss something truly important (missed call, text, etc.) thinking it's just NBC bugging you about something silly. What is going on-- never updates or refreshes -- had this app. Heck, I'd be perfectly happy if they included commercials in the video feed, if it meant being able to watch a broadcast. The live tile is still stuck on news from two months ago.

Hopefully there's an update coming, otherwise, I'll have to get my news somewhere else. Deleted the app & now can't reinstall - not particularly happy.

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