Niall horan and amy green dating 2016

It’s promo (questionable in Perrie’s case) for the movie/play while also serving to make everyone aware that a date occurred.

Amy on Twitter Oct 25, 2012Amy replied to a tweet Ben Winston made about Niall...

I had thought Amy might just be a friend the press decided to report about.

That’s actually the image they were trying to give, but looking into it made me realize how much bigger it was than I thought and how orchestrated it was.

Liking someone’s eyes, smile, or laugh are often associated with romance, so this again seems to have been calculated to be suggestive of a relationship despite Niall saying “friend”...

He’d already posted several pictures of him and Niall from the last month, done a Twitcam with Niall, and he and Niall had talked on Twitter a couple days beforehand, so at least a few fans would have been following him by that point. I tried to reverse image search it and I checked Olly’s Twitter and Instagram, Darren’s Twitter, Niall’s Twitter and Instagram, Amy’s Twitter, Georgia’s Twitter, The X Factor Twitter, The Xtra Factor Twitter, and The X Factor UK Music Twitter.

“He was kissing and cuddling her when people weren’t watching and seemed really into her.

That’s why the quality of the picture was a little weird. Not only was the picture not taken day of, but it was probably only taken for the video itself, for work.

They were together on Sep 27th according to Georgia, so why not use a new picture actually from that day?

My best guess is that it originated from an update account which happens sometimes.

Since this was in 2012, a lot of update accounts from then have been deleted, potentially erasing the source of some pictures.

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