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My hope in presenting what appears here – viewed through the bifocal lenses of behavioral profiling and exercise science – will allow you to enhance your appearance using Nick Zano as a blueprint.Let’s take a look at some of the basic details on Nick Zano so you can gain a better understanding of this guy.Later in life, he transplanted to the West coast – near the Pacific Ocean – with plenty of photographic evidence to suggest he enjoys the blue water encompassing the California coast.In this way, he is similar to his fellow blue eyed celebrities, Mr.In studying Zano’s personality, all indications suggest this is a very warm and gentle person, devoid of the arrogance that we see in so many Hollywood celebrities.He grew up in a household of women, being raised by his great grandmother, mother and two aunts.If you notice, this actor gives off a very laidback, “go with it” vibe.Growing up near progressive West Palm Beach, Florida – it kind of makes sense.

To make ends meet, he worked at Kenneth Cole as a shoe salesman.And what might Nick Zano be doing to keep himself looking much younger than his biological age?I’ve studied this blue eyed actor for some time now and looked at some of the details of his past.In a post appearing on Tumblr, he shared that when he was 12 years old; he got into a bit of trouble and did some things he wasn’t proud of.His grandfather apparently helped turn him onto physical fitness to help young Nicky find productive ways of coping with all that he was going through at that young age in his life.Just to give you an idea of how real this guy is – his grandmother was a bartender – meaning he came from he came from working person stock, just like me and perhaps just like you.Based on other research, it also appears Nick (aka Nicky” has used the gym from very early in his life to channel his energy in a positive way.It wasn’t long before folks in the entertainment industry started to take notice of him and he started picking up gigs.I won’t go into his impressive list of credits here but if you are interested in checking them out, visit his filmography pages on his IMDb file. At the time of this publication, that makes him 37-years old. I am mentioning this because when you look at this actor, he seems to be one of those people that are somehow able to defy his true age. About the only person that comes close is mega-watt celebrity, Jared Leto.These talents appear to date to his young adulthood.Most descriptions that appear online of Zano describe him as approachable, down to earth and charming.

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