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The liturgy is similar to that in use in the Roman Catholic Church.The language is entirely Norwegian, apart from the Kyrie Eleison, and the singing of hymns accompanied by organ music is central.The former Catholic Church of Norway exercised a significant degree of sovereignty in Norway and essentially shared power with the King as the secular ruler.

This is a summary of the liturgy for High Mass: The Church of Norway traces its origins to the introduction of Christianity to Norway in the 9th century.

The national council, the executive body of the synod, is convened five times a year and comprises 15 members, of whom ten are lay members, four are clergy and one is the presiding bishop.

It prepares matters for decision-making elsewhere and puts those decisions into effect.

A constitutional amendment of designates the church as "Norway's people's church" (Norges Folkekirke), with a new provision that is almost a verbatim copy of the provision for the Danish state church (folkekirken) in the Constitution of Denmark; the Minister of Church Affairs Trond Giske stressed that the reform meant that "the state church is retained." Until 1845 the Church of Norway was the only legal religious organization in Norway and it was not possible to end membership in the Church of Norway.

"Dissenterloven" (Lov angaaende dem, der bekjende sig til den christelige Religion, uden at være medlemmer af Statskirken) was an act approved by the Storting on 16 July 1845 that allowed the establishment of alternative religious bodies.

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