Obsessive compulsive dating

The following are the varied steps that can be taken in this direction.Replace the time you would spend obsessing over them or keeping a tab on them by doing something else.

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This insatiable longing either to possess or be possessed by the target of their obsession, and rejection by physical or emotional unavailability of their target can result in the perpetual fixation and compulsion to obtain the person they desire.

In case the other person is not a part of their lives anymore, they convince themselves that their return will automatically solve all their problems and make them happy again.

They thus, create an illusion for themselves and move farther and farther away from the truth.

The unnerving aspect is that a person might not even be in a relationship with the object of their desire or have (recently) separated from them, they might simply have had a stray conversation with them at some point and gotten interested in them, which has then slowly turned into an obsession.

Love obsession can start out with activities like keeping tabs on the person and then transcend into something far worse like stalking them, emotionally blackmailing them and in the most extreme scenarios, taking to violence towards the person or oneself.

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