Photostream not updating on my pc

A common misconception is that all of these different photo albums will take up a lot of extra storage space on your i Phone.

So when a photo is added into a new album, your phone doesn’t create another copy of the image…Within the Photos app there are a number of default albums into which your photos get automatically organized.In addition to these, you can also create your own albums into which you can organize photos further.If you’ve taken photos of people, you’ll see a People album which picks out the faces of people in your photos and allows you to name them so that your i Phone will recognize these people in future photos.If you have Location Services switched on for photos within the Settings app, you’ll see an album called Places which displays your photos on a map of the world based on the location that they were taken in.To see all of your photos and videos, tap on the All Photos album.You’ll see the name of the album (All Photos) at the top of the screen, and beneath that you’ll see thumbnails (small versions) of your photos and videos.While these albums allow you to organize photos into different collections, keep in mind that no matter which album a photo or video appears in, it will always also be stored in the main All Photos album too.So every single photo and video is stored in the All Photos album, but you can also view certain types of photo and video via the default albums listed above.Now let’s explore some of the default albums that your i Phone automatically creates for you.The main album in which all photos, videos, screenshots and Live Photos get stored is called the All Photos album.

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