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PLR content (public label rights) has a bad reputation for being junk and rightly so. However it's not all bad and even bad PLR has it's uses for finding sub-topics. Down the right hand side of the page they have scores of different categories. Articles pop up on a variety of different acne subjects. Rinse and repeat (excuse the pun) with the other categories. This is a great way to find sub-topics using blogs. You can find them using Google by simply searching "YOUR NICHE blog" if you don't know any in the niche you're interested in.A lot of these are fairly targeted niches themselves but you can find even deeper sub-niches by clicking on them. Then look at which categories the blog is split up into.Again you can take it one step further by clicking on some of these results for more information.Click on the main 'beekeeping' result and the first sentence tell us... A range of books on the topic will be revealed Click on the book cover to 'look inside' the book. Check out the different chapters in the book – all sub-niches.Weight loss for women is more niche but still quite broad.Weight loss for women who've recently given birth is a sub-niche.Look at all the different sub-sections the forum has... And point #8 is one of my favorite ways to find profitable niches that pay up to 75% commission...The Clickbank market place is packed full of digital products on almost every niche imaginable.

So there's no way you could possibly compete, right? It's true that most of the profitable niches already have a lot of people marketing in them.Also Google isn't the only search engine, you can apply this method to as well.Wikipedia is a great resource to discover profitable smaller niches within big markets.You'll be able to find the most popular courses easily and from there, you can take a closer look into it's chapters / table of content.Point 5 shows how to find crappy products but turn them into gold...“Beekeeping or apiculture' So now we know beekeeping is also known as apiculture giving is a whole new term to search with. I searched for internet marketing and the first result was a book called 'Digital Minds' The contents chapter revealed the following...Look at the table of contents and there's more niches revealed.... Think about all the others that will pop up from checking out the pages on all the various sub-niches we've just found. Click on any of these sub-categories and more are revealed. This could be applied to Udemy, and wherever else courses and content lists are shown.Go to Enter your niche into the search bar and hit enter.Wiki will return what it thinks are relevant results.I used this trick to find out more about beekeeping for my Niche Hack report.Look at the different niches Wiki reveals to us on the search result page.

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