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Is this an issue of DS having some kind of quarter life crisis? Reserving judgement until proven is fine but that doesn't mean you ignore the facts.

Does he think this is really right or is he having doubts? All right, I'm the OP and I came back to address a few things: Yes I agree I have no authority over who my son dates.

It was like she could see something in him that no one else could. She'd ask about him, welcomed him to family dinners and events etc.

When people would act shocked about it, she'd defend my sister as capable of making her own decisions.

I wouldn't say one single word against the girlfriend until you've actually met her. If she's a bad egg, asking all these questions to your son, in as nonjudgemental a tone as possible will at least force him to say so out loud without you ever have to say a word.You will be VERY sorry if he marries this one and she's the mom of your grandkids - and you acted like an ass. I wonder if OP is ethnic, actually, because I come from a Asian/South Asian/Middle-eastern family and this is exactly what my parents' attitude was towards when it was appropriate for me to bring someone home and who I could date.Nothing wrong with it, but certainly very different from how mainstream white Americans would think about accepting a son or daughter's partner.I would avoid stating your concerns as attacks on his girlfriend, but rather as compatibility issues with what he wants out of life. I mean what else do you know about this girl except that a) she's dating your son and b) she's a stripper? I went HYP and had friends in college who stripped.He may not seem like he's hearing you, but he is probably hearing you. At least one of them is worth many millions now, not from stripping, but stripping helped put her through school.They barely lasted a year before it all imploded in a dramatic fashion.My sister was pretty clearly doing it to rebel a bit and change her image. The drunkest and/or most free-spirited friend in your group gets a lap dance, makes out with a stripper, tries to get on the stage, or does something otherwise inappropriate. They just look so confident and like they're having FUN and they are so good at it. They feel like water balloons inside Super Fresh shopping bags made of skin. You drunkenly resolve to tell everyone how empowering stripping really is. But you're not Nas, so you give her five dollars and feel slightly crestfallen that she doesn't want to have a slumber party. You're so hungover the next day that you want to die. You feel sad for the dancers with dead eyes who are not very good or energetic and look super-young, like creepy young, Everything gets real dark for a hot second and you just want the song to end, to tell her to wipe that glitter off her face and go back to school, and where are her parents? You are deeply touched and affected by the #joyfulness of the best dancers. You're kinda into the girl-next-door-looking, gawky, freckled girl who danced to vintage '90s R&B.; Would he be more into the less subtle blonde with augmented breasts who danced to A$AP Rocky? This is the first time you have ever felt fake boobs. You think you're becoming BFFs with a friendly stripper until you realize she just wants a hundy. RELATED: I'm a Strip Club House Mom Confessions: I Am a Strip Joint Bouncer Follow Anna on Twitter.My son's current girlfriend is a part time college student who works in a bar. If you think the jewel who works in a bar is like a stripper you are clueless! My mom freaked out when I was dating someone who would have been a big mistake.I've never known a stripped who wasn't emotionally damaged with family issues. I already knew that it would have been a mistake, but I was still with him.

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