Push pull effect dating

A promise of freedom from religious or political persecution, availability of career opportunities or cheap land, or abundance of food could be considered pull factors for migrating to a new country.

In each of these cases, a population will have more opportunity to pursue a better life compared to its home country.

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Antithetically, pull factors are those that help a person or population determine why relocating to a new country would provide the most benefit.

These factors attract populations to a new place largely because of what the country provides that was not available to them in their country of origin.

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Push factors are oftentimes forceful, demanding that a certain person or group of people leave one country for another, or at least give that person or people cause to want to move — either because of a threat of violence or financial security.

Pull factors, on the other hand, are often beneficial elements of a new country that encourages people to immigrate there in order to seek a better life.

These conditions which drive people to leave their homes can include bullying, a sub-standard level of living, food, land or job scarcity, famine or drought, political or religious persecution, pollution, or even natural disasters.

Although all push factors don't require a person to leave a country, these conditions that contribute to a person leaving are often so dire that if they do not choose to leave, they will suffer financially, emotionally or physically.

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