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When the post or page is viewed, readers of your site will see the latest posts from the feeds you added.The list is updated each time the page is loaded ensuring it’s always up to date, or as close as your settings allow it to be.There are a number of extensions, or add-ons, available for the core WP RSS Aggregator plugin.These allow you to expand the features and functionality of this plugin in order to make it even more powerful.By using your author feed on the blogs you write for, you can use WP RSS Aggregator to pull in the post titles of your most recent articles that have been published on a range of sources.

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When it comes to actually inserting the list of feed items into your posts or pages, the plugin adds a button to the Word Press post editor which allows you to easily generate the shortcode which will display the content from your feeds.The WP RSS Aggregator plugin is free and is available from the Word Press plugin directory, while the optional add-ons are available as premium extensions.Once installed, the plugin allows you to define one or more RSS feeds from external sites, and then display the posts from those feeds on your blog.This gives you the option of letting your site grow on auto-pilot or giving you the opportunity to moderate and review any imported posts before they are published on your site.As part of the recent update, this add-on can now also import the full post content into your site, even if the feed author has set it to only display an excerpt.This gives you plenty of options for how the imported content is managed and presented.Also during the setup process you can select a user account to publish the imported posts under as well as setting whether the imported content should be auto-published, set as a draft, or marked as pending review.The add-on can also now import videos from sites like You Tube and Vimeo along with the regular post content.There are plenty of features and settings for the Feed to Post extension, giving you lots of control over how the posts are imported into your site.At the time of writing this review, version 2.5 had recently been released which provided a number of updates and new features to the previous version.With this extension installed on your site feed items can be imported into your site, with each feed item being used to create a new Word Press post on your site.

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