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Updating with structures S066 and S067 is hard-coded and is not controlled by normal Information Structures.The customizing is based on settings in transaction OB45: Note: The delivery document posts updates to S067 despite of being in credit block.You must set the user parameter 'MCL' to 'X' in the user profile and then run transaction MC30 and check the correcponding entries.See OSS Note 124571 The Credit control update rule should be '000012' Use transaction OB45 to check.standard order processing 15 - Open delivery and billing document value (click for more info)Updates S067-OLIKW and S067-OFAKW; i.e.These tables are not always updated correctly and can then result in wrong credit control data.

If there is another user-exit where you get the data as import parameter, you may consider an "EXPORT to MEMORY" or better: creating two function modules like "Z_TABLE_PUT" and "Z_TABLE_GET" that transfer the table into a global variable of the function group.In particular, check whether fields "Reaction" and "Status/block" are set correctly.To carry out follow-up actions in case of a credit block, the credit check status must be set (field "Status/block"). Transaction Credit master data for the payer of the relevant document.Credit account: Credit limit: Risk category: Currency: 12.Settings for updating the credit values Update of the credit values is required for the limit check (static or dynamic credit limit check). Transaction , Pricing In the pricing procedure used for pricing, subtotal "A" must be entered in a line for determining the credit value (mark the pricing procedure and doubleclick on "Control"). This way the system is determined to use this subtotal for credit pricing.One credit control area contains credit control information for each customer.For example, if your credit management is centralized, you can define one credit control area for all of your company codes.An organizational unit that represents the area where customer credit is awarded and monitored.This organizational unit can either be a single or several company codes, if credit control is performed across several company codes.A better understanding of what infostructures are involved and which update groups are used is necessary for breaking down the total credit exposure.Structure S066 contains existing/previous update on open ‘sales order values’ for each customer credit account Structure S067 contains existing/previous update on open delivery or billing doc values for each customer credit account.

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