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Thus Santa María la Blanca was born in 1411, less than a century before Spain expelled all of the Jews in 1492.

the regent Maria Christina attempted to find a moderate third way between the absolutist Carlists—the followers of the Infante Carlos—and the liberals.

These legal districts later became the basis of electoral districts and tax districts.

The new design arranged by Jorge de Burgos and government officials in Madrid opened a scenario of overt confrontation with the Basque territories and institutions, who kept a separate legal and institutional status, including taxation and customs with the Spanish heartland on the Ebro.

While many of the borders and inclusions in the provinces may at first appear arbitrary from a historical and geographical point of view, he was operating under a set of rational criteria: area (it was intended to be possible to travel between the capital and any point in the province in a single day), population (wherever feasible, the provinces had populations between 100,000 and 400,000), and geographic coherence.

The provincial division restored the traditional names of the Basque provinces and Navarre, which had been renamed in the 1822 territorial division of Spain, but few concessions were made to historic enclaves and exclaves.

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Since scans are not currently available to screen readers, please contact JSTOR User Support for access. The industrial chimney has been the symbol of the Industrial Revolution par excellence.Not only are Jewish symbols absent, but a cross appears above the central niche.“All polychromatic decoration disappeared with a general whitewashing, which justifies the name given to its Christian title, Saint Mary the White,” notes scholar Jesús Peláez del Rosal, in his book sold at many Jewish Spanish tourist sites.An inscription on a brick wall as visitors enter into a courtyard notes, “Antigua Sinagoga del Siglo XII,” following some datings of the building to 1180.Others refer to 1203 as either the year the synagogue was built or remodeled, while others claim it was likelier built after 1250 and even as late as 1300.Navarre was still a semi-autonomous kingdom with its own parliament and government—the Cortes and Diputación—while Álava, Gipuzkoa and Biscay (the Basque Provinces, known also as "Biscay" up to the Peninsular War), were also autonomous.News of the central government's decision overruling native institutions spread to the Basque districts, sparking uproar and anger.However, these were merely honorary and classificatory: there was no level of administration between the central government and the provinces.These "historic regions" had no powers, no administrative organs, no common jurisdiction over the provinces grouped within them.The paper ends by noting that heritage legislation in Spain is gradually including industrial heritage and that, in Valencia, industrial brick chimneys of merit, constructed before 1940, are now protected.Toledo, Spain — “Alas the synagogues, fallen to ruins, where kites and vultures have nested; for the children of Israel have departed,” wrote Ya’aqob Albeneh in a 1391 poem.

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