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You can mitigate the risk of these overloads, and stop clients from downloading full definitions.

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If the management server receives too many concurrent requests for full definition packages from the clients, the network may become overloaded.See Checking that Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager has the latest content.You can also update content on Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager with a file.For the last three weeks I have struggled to get my SEPM to update win32 clients, what was happening is, only the 64 bit machines running Windows 2008 server were the only machines getting updates from the management server, this was surprising indeed as the SEPM has been functioning without any problems until this point.Trying to trouble shoot the problem, i started with the usual, reviewing the changes that have taken place between then (meaning when updates were running) and now.You may need to change the delivery method to support different client platforms, large numbers of clients, or network limitations.See Choose a distribution method to update content on clients.By default, users on the client computer can run Live Update at any time.You can decide how much control to give your users over their content updates.See Randomizing content downloads from the default management server or a Group Update Provider.See Randomizing content downloads from a Live Update server.

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