Teyana taylor who is she dating

We’d email each other different garments that we liked.That’s how we became friends and super close.'But Teyana knew she had what it takes to be a singer, so cunningly started signing while Kanye was asking for her feedback on some outfits.Teyana and Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian also share a lot in common with both mother's knowing how to rock a sexy one pieces.The ladies have also pushed themselves to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.She previously told Complex of how they clicked: 'Kanye used to always like my outfits.So from jump we became fashion friends and we’d talk about different clothes and designing different things.

The video, which ends with Teyana transforming into a cat, also appears to feature the couple's daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. While the saucy video sent social media into overdrive with people trying too figure out who Kanye's dancer is, she has long been influencing the rapper.

Shumpert, I mean you can call me whatever you want, you're Wendy...

Yeezus, imma let you finish but this woman has the best video body out there.

And the woman is his fiancée, singer and video model Teyana Taylor.

It’s news because the man is Iman Shumpert, a member of the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  1. That is, two individuals meet and exchange numbers/emails; one individual waits for a designated amount of days before calling/emailing the other; the individuals meet for dinner and have lengthy flirtatious in-depth discussions about life and themselves.