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The Trump Organization has a reported 22,000 employees, with nine luxury hotels, 17 golf courses and 18 luxury residential properties worldwide.

The company also makes millions from extensive licensing deals on real-estate developments it does not own or manage.

People who know them say they can be down-to-earth and easy-going, descriptors that would not apply to their father unless he was trying to close a deal.

After surviving their parents’ divorce, endless tabloid attention and what they have described themselves as an absentee father, the Trump children have entered the latest chapter of what has been an upbringing unlike any other.

Now in this summer of Trump, their father’s campaign-trail antics are testing their peculiar inheritance like little before.

(To wit: Her broken-English coinage “the Donald” has outlasted much of the so-called popular culture of the 1980s.) “I look at my brothers and myself and I’m, like, really proud of the fact that nobody’s, like, totally f–ked-up,” Ivanka told an interviewer in 2007.

“Nobody’s a drug addict, nobody’s driving around chasing women, snorting coke. And you know, this isn’t to pat myself on the back, but I could be a lot worse.” Neither parent was especially present.

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