Who is ashley scott dating

Although the show was cancelled by mid-season, her exposure led her to garner a lot of attention from fans. She was also on Just Friends, The Kingdom, Deceit and Strange Wilderness in 2008.

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Born on July 13 1977, an American model and actress, Ashley Scott, grew up with the aspiration of being successful model.

At a young age, she ventured into modeling, at which she became very successful.

At the age of 15, she moved to New York to pursue a modeling career with Elite Miami, which helped her to eventually fly to Miami, London and Paris.2000 saw her venturing into acting, which required her to get over her fear of reading in public, as she had dyslexia.

She got married with Anthony Rhulen, a movie producer, in 2004.

Unfortunately the relation could last only for four years.

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