Who is max irons dating

The voluptuous Miss Leon successfully sued a five-star Madrid hotel for £39,000, following a long-running legal battle, after she broke her wrist and pelvis falling down steps in the actor's luxury suite.

For his part, Irons is wont to put such speculation down to simple luvvie over-exuberance. 'I'm a very tactile person, but it gets me into trouble.' Intriguingly, however, he has admitted in the past to forming 'emotional attachments' to some of his female co-stars.

Witness Miss Cusack's decision to move into a pied-a-terre in Dublin a little over a year ago.

Meanwhile, her husband has remained for the most part in the seclusion of the pink-painted medieval castle in rural Cork that he spent ten years and £2 million renovating.

The star of Brideshead Revisited is said to have spent the entire evening in the company of a string of models young enough to be his daughters, despite arriving on the arm of his date for the evening, the glamorous, 40-something Venetian hotel heiress Francesca Bortolotto Possati.

One might have thought that at an age when most men are thinking about retirement, Irons is a bit long in the tooth for such shenanigans.

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