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Alternative spellings found in Western sources are Girokaster and Girokastra.In Aromanian the city is known as Ljurocastru, while in modern Greek it is known Αργυρόκαστρο (Argyrokastro).Along Muslim and Orthodox Albanians, the city is also home to a substantial Greek minority.

According to Turkish traveller Evliya Çelebi, who visited the city in 1670, at that time there were 200 houses within the castle, 200 in the Christian eastern neighborhood of Kyçyk Varosh (meaning small neighborhood outside the castle), 150 houses in the Byjyk Varosh (meaning big neighborhood outside the castle), and six additional neighborhoods: Palorto, Vutosh, Dunavat, Manalat, Haxhi Bey, and Memi Bey, extending on eight hills around the castle. According to the latest census, the city population is 23437.Geographical coordinates of Gjirokastër (WGS84): latitude: 40° 4' 33" N ( 40.0758 ), longitude: 20° 8' 20" E ( 20.1389 ).During the Ottoman period conversions to Islam and an influx of Muslim converts from the surrounding countryside made Gjirokastër go from being an overwhelmingly Christian city in the 16th century into one with a large Muslim population by the early 19th century.Gjirokastër also became a major religious centre for Bektashi Sufism.According to the traveller, the city had at that time around 2000 houses, eight mosques, three churches, 280 shops, five fountains, and five inns.From the 16th century until the early 19th century Gjirokastër went from being a predominantly Christian city to one with a Muslim majority due to much of the urban population converting to Islam alongside an influx of Muslim converts from the surrounding countryside.Gjirokastër later became the center of the principality ruled by John Zenevisi (1373–1417) before falling under Ottoman rule for the next five centuries.Throughout the Ottoman era Gjirokastër was officially known in Ottoman Turkish as Ergiri and also Ergiri Kasrı.The city appeared for the first time in historical records under its medieval Greek name of Argyrocastron (Greek: ), as mentioned by John VI Kantakouzenos in 1336.The name comes from the Medieval Greek ἀργυρόν (argyron), meaning "silver", and κάστρον (kastron), from the Latin castrum meaning "castle" or "fortress", thus "silver castle".

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