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Besides her acting in the Hollywood movies, she has made her appearance in the TV shows including on XM’s “Deep Tracks.” Ellen Barkin has been linked with the different celebrity.Firstly, she was in an affair with Matt Dillon, an actor, voice actor, and director.Supportive: George and Amal - pictured at a Celebrity Fight Night event in Italy back in September - are happy about Ellen and Ben's relationship as the insider claimed: 'George and Amal love them together!We’ve heard that famous divorcee and actress Ellen Barkin was dating a much, much younger guy, but I assumed it was just a fling.There’s a new tabloid report that popped the question during a romantic beach stroll.If the roles were reversed and Ellen was a rich old 57 year old dude with a fiance 31 years his junior would we think twice about it? Ellen Barkin, 57, is so smitted with her 26-year-old director beau Sam Levinson that she popped the question – and the two are planning an early 2012 wedding, sources say.Moreover, she won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries for her performance in Television movie “Before women had Wings” released in 1997. She spent childhood with younger brother George Barkin, an editor-in-chief of National Lampoon and High Times Magazines.

spoke to Emmerson's rep, who denied that they are headed down the aisle.Ellen Barkin is an American actress who came to limelight from the comedy-drama movie “Diner” directed by Barry Levinson in 1982.She also appeared in “This Boy’s Life,” “Sea of Love,” “Ocean’s Thirteen” where she has shared the screen with Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pit and so on. Ellen Barkin is a daughter of Evelyn, a hospital administrator at Jamaica Hospital and Sol Barkin, a chemical salesman.After completing the acting course, Ellen Barkin made acting debut from the movie directed by Micheal Caton-Jones.The movie starred Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert De Niro as lead characters and also featured Chris Cooper, Carla Gugino, Eliza Dushku and Tobey Maguire.After separation from her first husband, she dated the Hollywood actor, Ronald O. But their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend did not last long.Moreover, she also dated Sam Levinson, film director, actor, and screen actor in 2011.It skeeves me out in the their age difference is exactly the same as my son and me, but at least Ellen’s son is a whole five years younger than her boyfriend and isn’t around the same age. Like I meant to be sarcastic there but realize that I did have a minor point to make that isn’t convincing at all.) This reminds me of Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson, who have a 23 year-old age difference, but they got together when he was just 18.At least Ellen’s boyfriend was all of 22 when he hooked up with her.Re-reading an article on this that Bedhead covered in June, I realized that Ellen has lived with her young lover for two years and that they’ve been together for four years!Things seem really serious between the two no matter the age difference.

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