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They have been left as long as they have under vets guidance so that when this procedure was carried out they only had to remove the necks, so to reduce the amount of skin removed.

Before, after being washed down: And this afternoon: I've only posted them incase anyones horse has sarcoids and is interested. Seen a big sarciod on the eye of a horse at college but nothing like this.

If you do not object to the amended Agreement within six (6) weeks following the special notice, your continued use of the Platform will mean that you accept the amended Agreement.

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Hoping he's now alot more comfortable and can carry on producing nice dressage tests with people staring for all the RIGHT reasons My horse is currently having treatment for a rather unusual subcutaneous sarcoid, so lately I've been rather interested in the whole subject. The following pictures are before and after shots following laser treatment this morning.He is my friends' horse and I have her permission to post the photos.Those changes or modifications will not affect essential characteristics of the Platform.Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Blizzard Customer Service.In all other circumstances, use of the Platform is licensed to you by Activision Blizzard International B.V., Beechavenue 131 D, 1119 RB Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands (Blizzard Entertainment SAS and Activision Blizzard International B. are hereinafter referred to as “Blizzard”, “we” or “us”).Blizzard may, from time to time, change or modify this Agreement as its business and the law evolves.In this case, Blizzard will notify you of any such changes or modifications by providing special notice.My friend didn't want the added risk of him going under, this horse owes her nothing, he was the first horse she took to advanced and she just wants to make sure he has a happy life now.We have no doubt that they will grow back, but hopefully not for a while and it certainly took them quite a while to get as bad as they did.

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