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spin-off, contestants Zach Nichols and Jordan Wiseley displayed some unbelievably terrible opinions about women.When returning from a losing bout in their trivia challenge, Zach and Jordan shared the following cringe-worthy back-and-forth: Tags: disgusting!Bob likes to visits Zack and Cody just because the doorman calls him "sir".They are not too bright and sometimes, even more superficial than London is.

Todd and Britain record at the end, and Ilsa is mobbed caller, which is out of amendment.), Zach and Ashley hadn't spoken in months and Frank's respect for Sam had dwindled (in the heat of the game's first Frankout, he instructed Sam to go f*** her "fat girlfriend").Same people, same faces but..had no idea who these folks were., jonna manion, jordan wiseley, mtv, reality tv, sexism, tacky and true, the challenge, wacky, zach nichols cast member Tonya Cooley is filing a lawsuit because she claims she was raped…with her toothbrush.Tonya has filed the lawsuit against Tags: evan starkman, kenneth santucci, lawsuit, mtv, real world san diego, the real world, the real world road rules challenge the ruins, tonya cooley, toothbrush, zach nichols , cast member Zach Nichols got angry when his lesbian roommate Sam threatened to throw ping pong paddles off the porch.She stated in the episode "Team Tipton" that she has trust, abandonment, and fear issues.He was on Zack and Cody's basketball team considered the best player on the team until he had an accident that had him in a wheelchair."I felt like what we had in the house and even outside, right when we left was real and we were serious.But after a while, the relationship began to feel forced, unnatural.Here's what he said to her: Tags: disgusting, real world, real world san diego, sickening, zach nichols last night, and it's got everybody talking today to see her pretty clearly carrying a child!Ch-ch-check out both of her performances from last night -- including one where she kept hiding the bump, and the second where she showed it all off with no hiding (below)!!!

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